3 Reasons You Need Flood Insurance Today

While you may believe yourself to be fully covered with regards to home insurance, without flood coverage, you are only leaving space for mass depletion of your liquid assets. Indeed, even though various types of insurance may cover an array of facets associated with flood damage, flood insurance, in particular, is necessary, to ensure your home is covered no matter how the flood occurs or how extensive the damage may be. That said, the following is an overview of three reasons to purchase flood insurance today. 

You Live in an Area Prone to Flooding

Although many home insurance policies cover some flood damage, they often refuse to cover flood damages caused by natural disasters. If you live in an area especially prone to flooding, you need to purchase flood coverage to ensure you aren’t left holding the bag the next time sea levels start to rise. 

Relatively Inexpensive Coverage

Moreover, although flooding is one of the more common issues, it is still unlikely to occur often enough to become an everyday issue. Therefore, flood coverage is typically inexpensive as, despite the commonality of small claims, the more massive claims are few and far between. Therefore, by purchasing a simple policy, you’ll be saving yourself tons of time and money later on. 

No Need to Repay

Lastly, those who have never been in a major natural disaster may be unaware of the fact that the government often issues disaster-related assistance loans to those who need them. While your insurance payout will certainly not need to be repaid, if you end up accepting a disaster assistance loan, you will have to repay the loan within a specified period of time. 

Overall, for those who reside in Gainesville, FL, James Harmon Insurance Agency is an excellent option. Offering awesome flood coverage packages and much more, James Harmon Insurance Agency will be more than happy to cater to your flood insurance needs. Call, email, or stop by our Gainesville, FL office today!

Smoking Is a Habit That can Make Life Insurance More Expensive

It’s important to remember that the healthier you are, and the less risky your lifestyle is, the better. This isn’t to say that you can’t get life insurance at an affordable rate if you partake in habits that many insurance agencies would deem as unhealthy or risky. At the James Harmon Insurance Agency, we do all we can to make sure everybody can get life insurance coverage. We want to see you have peace of mind in knowing your beneficiaries will be well taken care of financially if you were to pass away. When it comes to getting a quote on life insurance in Gainesville, FL, you should contact the James Harmon Insurance Agency. Let’s explore how smoking can make life insurance more expensive.

How Smoking Affects your Life Insurance

Everyone knows that smoking is not healthy. This is why this is one of the first things you will see on a life insurance application. If you smoke, you are at a much greater risk of dying prematurely than you are if you don’t smoke. Insurance agencies know that there is a very good chance they will have to pay out your benefits much sooner if you smoke than if you didn’t. Take for example if you are a smoker, and you have invested in insurance for 20 years, and then you die at age 40 due to lung cancer. If you hadn’t been a smoker, there is a good chance you would have lived another 30 to 40 years. This makes you a high risk for most insurance agencies.

Contact the James Harmon Insurance Agency serving the Gainesville, FL area to learn more about getting a reliable life insurance policy. 


Auto insurance coverage in Florida

In Florida, the car is a person’s center of lifestyle. It connects us to extraordinary places and shortens the distance between our friends and family. Therefore, it might sound pretty frustrating without one. That is why James Harmon Insurance Agency in Gainesville, FL is here to ensure you and your car are covered by an insurance policy. Florida insurance has some unique features unlike other states. Florida laws mandate that drivers should have a Florida insurance policy after 90 days or more of driving from a company licensed to do business in the state. Some of the coverages required by the state include:

Personal injury protection

This covers you, your passengers and any authorized driver of your car who may get injured while in your insured vehicle. This is true regardless of who is at fault in an accident. This also covers school buses, pedestrians, and bicycles.

Bodily injury liability coverage

This pays for injuries others receive in an accident caused by you or other drivers included in your policy. It does cover not only medical but also funeral coverage in case of occurrence. Although it is not required by the state, many car insurance companies require it as part of any policy issued in Florida. It is essential especially for accidents with severe damage.

Property damage liability

This policy covers the damage you cause to someone else’s property and incorporates other people driving. If you are sued for causing property damage, the insurance company will provide legal representation.

In need of auto insurance? Visit our offices in Gainesville, FL or give us a call for more information. Our well-trained staff will be happy to schedule an appointment. Reach out to James Harmon Insurance Agency today.

How Commercial Insurance Can Protect You from Cybercrime

Gainesville, FL may not make headlines every day due to cybercrime attacks but that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. Small businesses often think they’re safe because hackers are busy going after the big names in their industry, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re looking to protect your business from hackers, consider how commercial insurance from James Harmon Insurance Agency may help. 

Changes and Consequences 

Every time there’s a change in technology, there’s a hacker out there taking note of each new development. The more changes there are, the more likely it is they’ll find a way into your business. Hacks are common not just because of faulty code or buggy programs though — they’re also triggered by things like employee error or social scams. In addition to the money a business may lose due to a hack, it’s also likely that they’ll lose the respect and reputation they once enjoyed from their customers. While it’s true that better education and employee training can reduce the chances of an attack, it simply can’t eliminate the chances entirely. 

Finding a Better Policy 

James Harmon Insurance Agency works with small business owners in Gainesville, FL to provide commercial insurance. It’s our goal to be there for you during a time of crisis, so you have all the resources you need to mitigate the situation as much as possible. If your business is attacked, you’ll have someone to call so you can address the problem immediately. Cybercrime may be a relatively new threat, but our agency understands it in a way that business owners may not. We can advise you of dangers you may not have even considered! Let us help you pick out a policy that can protect you from the many virtual threats out there.


If You’ve Updated Your Home, You Might Need to Update Your Home Insurance

Doing the right home renovations can improve your quality of life and increase the value of your home. Some homeowners forget to make sure their homeowner’s insurance policies are keeping pace. That can leave you in the lurch if something bad happens and you don’t have enough coverage. On the flip side, certain upgrades can actually lower your premiums. Here are a few things to consider from James Harmon Insurance Agency in Gainesville, FL.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Additions

If you add square footage to your home, you’ll need to update your insurance policy. The same thing goes for anything that adds value to your property. An average bathroom remodel can add $12,000 to your home’s value. A finished basement can add $48,000. A major kitchen remodel can add $40,000- to $75,000. You’ll want to check that your insurance policy covers the higher value.

Adding A Pool

Your friends and family will love the new pool and it will increase your home’s value. It also opens you up to additional liabilities.  

Fix That Roof

A roof leak can do major damage to your home. A new roof is one of the things that may lower your payments.

The Home Office

Who doesn’t want to work from home? If you spend some money to redo your home office, make sure your policy reflects it. If clients visit, you will need to make sure you’re OK if something happens. If you’ve added equipment or machinery, you want to make sure it’s covered.

Are You Covered?

If you want to make sure your homeowner’s insurance has kept up with your home’s current value, the James Harmon Insurance Agency in Gainesville, FL can help.  We have been helping homeowners in the state of Florida customize their insurance needs for more than three decades. We can help you, too! Reach out to our offices for more information.